Let us help you keep your skin shining.

           Weight  Management/Loss
  • Lipo-Tropic + B12 Injections
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Natural Weight Management

Vitamin IV’s

LiquiVida Lounge

Chelation Therapy

Replenish | Re-hydrate | Revitalize.

           Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)

Facial Rejeuvenation

Hair Restoration

Joint Pain Relief

Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)


Hair Restoration, Joint Pain Relief, Facial Rejuvenation 

We Love Questions

We LOVE questions. Contact us; call/email our friendly office navigators will give you the answers and if they do not know they will pass it on to someone who can help.

Popular Areas to Treat

  • Facial Area, Arms
  • Full Bikini, Back
  • Underarms,Neck
  • Full Legs, Chest