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Merging Eastern Medicine + Western Medicine=East West Physicians


Diet Weight Loss

Lipo-Tropic+B12 +L-Carnintine Slim Shot Diet = Fat Buster Better Energy plus Weight Loss , Better Hair, Nails, Skin, Shot Bar for added suport. Phen-TabzRx Diet- weight loss plus ENERGY! HCG DIET– Lose 30lbs in 23 days Medical Weight Loss Medications New: Adipex, Phentermine, Belviq, Qysmia, Contravean, more. Thyroid evaluations , Metabolic Syndromes, Sugar craving help. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy,

Lipotropic tat.jpeg










Facial vessel and pigment clearance Surgical and acne scar treatment Stretch mark treatment Wrinkle reduction Leg vein clearance Permanent hair reduction

Facial vessel and pigment clearance
Surgical and acne scar treatment
Stretch mark treatment
Wrinkle reduction
Leg vein clearance
Permanent hair reduction


Laser Treatments



—Facial vessel and pigment. IPL PhotoFacials 
—Surgical and Acne Scar Removal
—Stretch marks vanished
—Wrinkle reduction
—Leg vein/Spider Veins
—Permanent Hair reduction.  All Colors skin and Hair

Skin Revitalizing

Skin Revitalizing

Facial Filler

Cosmetic Medicine BOTOX® / Dysport™ for wrinkles: Facial Fillers- Jeuverderm, Surgiderm, Etc. – Homeopathic Our philosophy on this is ..catch it before it falls… Cosmetic procedures: Laser C02 , Fraxel, hair removal, Botox , Dysport, Jeuverderm, Acupuncture face-lift, Homeopathic fillers. Medical fillers and Peels. Cavitation for cellulite. Derma pen.


Skincare Aesthetics

Hair Before PRP

Before Treatment

After PRP

After PRP + Acell

Hair Restoration-

Today, there is a new, scientific and medical approach to treating hair loss in both men and women. ACell plus PRP is a revolutionary hair restoration technique that harnesses the power of your own body’s “stem cells” to create a success rate that far exceeds traditional methods.  Using STEM CELL protects and and regrows  hair follicles.
FREE Consultation to see if it is good for you.





Natural Hormone Program, Male Female

Hormone Therapy Bio-Identical (BHRT) Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation Medicine










Chiropratic East West Physicians

Family, Gentle Chiropractic old and new school techniques,  Applied Kinesiology, Diversified techniques,   Babies to Seniors. Sports enhancemeccnt.  Core rehabilitation area.   











Pain Management

INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT Acute /Chronic Pain alternative conventional treatment. Epidural, Facet injections, Nerve Blocks, Medication Manage Needle Guided Techniques. Multi- Doctor  approach.

Burning moxa, Acupuncture

Burning moxa, Acupuncture Chi Energy Healing


 Diverse TEAM of Acupuncturist’s using Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Massage Trigger Point, Deep Tissue

MASSAGE Trigger Point, Deep TissueFrom Fluff, Fluff to get it in deep tissue.  We have a therapist just for you.  Lymph drainage. Shiatsu,  Effleurage, Petrissage  are  movements or any combination of those massage movements.

Lab Tests

We use labs for Functional Medicine results.

Allergy Testing ,Healthy Heart Health Profile Adrenal? Cortisol Adrenal FaLab Work East West Physicianstigue, Heavy Metal Testing, Hormone, Testosterone Testing  Blood , Urine , Hair, Saliva collected in office.  Spectracell for micronutrients.  Heavy Metals.

Afraid of needles?  Needless labs  such as saliva or hair will  sometimes make do.  Read More…..



Past President

Past President BCCS, Natural Health Expert,Chiropractor of the Year.

Dear Patient and Friends, 

Our programs are designed for you to make  healthy lifestyle choices.   We are proactive when practicing healthcare.  Our core services are built on a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.  We understand that Healthcare choices can be confusing.  That’s why we always have complimentary consultations.If we can help you, we will tell you!   If we cannot we will tell you that too!  Is that fair?  Every great athlete has a coach we want to be on your Health TEAM.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 9-6.  Saturday 9-1.  By appointment after hours.

Medical Director

Leovigildo Reyes M.D.
Medical Director

Insurance:  Insurance companies (by assignment), Self Pay,  Credit Cards, Care Credit, Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), Payment Plans available.

 We LOVE Questions! We are here to educate our patients, so they can educate too!

Yours in good health!

CALL USRight Now (954)255-9355 (WELL)

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Affordable fees call.  All insurance assignment accepted.  Co-pays, co0insurance do apply.

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