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Merging Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine Philosophies

East West Physicians offers truly integrative medicine – a combination of conventional medicine and evidence-based alternative and natural medicine. The focus is on preventive and regenerative medicine using Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Shots , Skincare and Infusion Therapies,including Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (bHRT), as well as many other treatments for improved overall health.  Our Patients experiencing many symptoms greatly benefit from our unique eastern medicine plus western medicine  approach.

 Programs Offered:

Diet Weight loss

      Lipo-Tropic+B12   Weight loss and Energy.

      Slim Shot Diet=Fat Buster

      Phen-TabzRx Diet- PhenTabz RX Diet is significant weight loss with incredible energy! In addition, included weekly weigh in, consultation(s), foods to eat plan, Injections

                                                        HCG Diet    HCG Meal Plan

                                                        Medication Weight Management(ex. Adipex, Phentermine) 

                                                        Shot Bar for better Energy, Better Hair, Nails, Skin,  Click here for more:

                                                        B-12 + Vitamin C Shots

PharmaNutrition Programs   How it Works!    Products and Pricing for Weight Management

   BotoxDysport cosmetic

Wrinkle removers  BOTOX® / Dysport™ for wrinkles:  Injections are safe, simple and effective methods for fading wrinkle.

Jeuverderm- Homeopathic Facial Fillers

Our philosophy on this is …..catch it before it falls……

Cosmetic procedures: Laser , Botox , Dysport, Jeuverderm, Acupuncture face-lift, Homeopathic fillers.  Medical fillers and  Peels.

Advanced laser techniques and applications.  Read More……


 IV (IntraVenous) Infusion  goes directly into the blood for best body use and absorption.

     Myers Cocktail,      Vitamin Infusion,      Immune Booster,      Adrenal Fatigue, Flu Fighter, DaSilva CancerProtocol,   Glutathione (cellular repair, Vitamin C), Fibromyalgia/Muscle Relief, Fatigue, Party Girl Hangover, Specialized Infusions.  Banana Bag,

Natural Hormone Program, Male Female




Family, Gentle Chiropractic old and new school techniques,  Applied Kinesiology, Diversified techniques, Flexion distraction decompression, Subluxation,  pinched Nerves. Family care.  Babies to Seniors. Sports enhancement.  Core rehabilitation area.    Read More…

Hydro Colonic


Safe, sterile, comfortable, and effective Hydro-Colonic cleansing.  Looking to feel more energy and vitality, periodic colon cleansing is right for you.  As you remove the old impacted waste matter from the body, we remove the energy blockage. Your body is then able to heal, restore and rejuvenate holistically.  Purpose Hydrates the colon and remove toxins,mucous, helps with constipation.  Restore the colon with special formulated Infusions; Such as; Wheat Grass, AloeVera and probiotic’s  Infusions.   Don’t be confused with gravity systems this is with a licensed therapist room inspected by State… Read More

Pain Management East West Physicians


Acute /Chronic Pain alternative conventional treatment.   Epidural, Facet injections, Nerve Blocks, Medication Manage  Needle Guided Techniques. Multi- Doctor  approach.


Acupuncture at East West Physicians     ACUPUNCTURE

    Ancient Chinese secrets.  Feng Shui Specialists.  Diverse TEAM of Acupuncturist’s treating Traditional  Chinese Medicine (TCM), Neuropath


Massage at East West Physicians

     From Fluff, Fluff to get it in deep tissue.  We have a therapist just for you.  Lymph drainage .

 Shiatsu,  Effleurage, Petrissage  are  movements or any combination of those massage movements.

 Starting at $35.00 per 1/2 hour.   1 hour $65.00  Slip under the covers and let our body mechanics do the driving.   We are  the envy of all messages.  You will feel that way  too.

Read More……

Lab Work East West Physicians Lab Tests

Allergy Testing,MyHDL Healthy Heart Health Profile, Drug/Alcohol,

D.O.T Tests Chain of command certified. Onsite CDL physicals

Blood , Urine , Hair, Saliva collected in office.

Afraid of needles?  Needless labs  such as saliva or hair will  sometimes make do.  Read More…..

Past President

Past President

Dear Patient and Friends, 

Our programs are designed for you to make  healthy lifestyle choices.   We are proactive when practicing healthcare.  Our core services are built on a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.  We understand that Healthcare choices can be confusing.  That’s why we always have complimentary consultations.

If we can help you, we will tell you!   If we cannot we will tell you that too!  Is that fair?  Every great athlete has a coach we want to be on your Health TEAM.

Please fill out our Contact Form for more information and or Fill out our online Confidential Health Questionnaire for a complimentary consultation with a healthcare provider.  Our Health Navigators will guide you with all your questions.   Request an appointment, or simply come in.

Hours: Monday through Friday 9-6.  Saturday 9-1.  By appointment after hours.

Medical Director

Leovigildo Reyes M.D.
Medical Director

Insurance:  Insurance companies (by assignment), Self Pay,  Credit Cards, Care Credit, Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), Payment Plans available.

 We LOVE Questions!.  We are here to educate our patients, so they can educate too!

    Patient Testimonials.

We are proud to have served Broward County (Parkland, Coral Springs, Margate, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach), Palm Beach Boca Raton, Dade-County Community for over Twenty Five years.

   Yours in good health!

Affordable fees call.  All insurance assignment accepted.  Co-pays, co0insurance do apply.

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Laser Services and Posted Fees

Vitamin Shot Bar Services Fees

Diet Programs  and Fees


General Information about Services;

Low Carb Diet Planner


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Chiropractic Care

Interventional Pain Medicine

Injections- Homeopathic, Medicine, Epidural, Facet Blocks Pain Blocks.

Infusion Therapy

Medical Director — L. Reyes M.D.

Weight Management Program-

HCG DIET-    MIC SHOT, LipoTropic (Fat Buster) Weight Loss Injections

Medical Weight Loss   Adipex , Phentermine,  Tenuate, many others.

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Members of the Academy of Anti-aging and rejuvenation Medicine

Pharmacy + Nutrition=PharmaNutrition

PharmaNutrition- Wholesale to the patient!

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