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Infusion Therapy:      How it Works,   Products and Pricing ,  MiC, Fat Buster Injections

Developed for today’s active patient in mind:
Real Affordable
Payment on a monthly or even weekly basis to accommodate your financial needs. Care Credit Available.
Real Results
Real Results because we use the latest in lab testing and new energy fat burning (metabolics) to give safe effective results.
Real Food
Eat the food you love the most and teaches you how to Eat this Not That.   Eat real food.

 Infusion Therapy:  Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, feeling down.  Have digestive issues, Athletic fatigue?  Infusion therapy might be for you.  Our Physicians order a combination of vitamins amino acids, nutrients to be infused into your body.
VitaminC , Myers Cocktail, Chelation  Read More about Infusion Therapy 

Taking Your life back. As an adjunct therapy for fighting addiction, acupuncture can be very successful in helping to curb the chemical addiction and behavioral compulsions that feed a person’s addiction to harmful substances or habits. Read More about Detox…

You Owe Yourself A Relaxing Massage Today!
Relax muscles, ease and soothe your body aches and pains, relieve stress, eliminate built up toxins, and start feeling great! Massage rejuvenates and restores your body to its natural balance. Read More about Massage Therapy…

If you are inspired to lose weight not only for your personal appearance but also for your overall health, you have come to the right place. You CAN use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help yourself achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. If you are truly ready to begin losing weight or have been trying with little results, acupuncture can help as part of your weight loss program. Read More about Weight Loss…

Colon hydrotherapy is a process by which purified water washes out the large intestine. The colon is a veritable sewage system but by neglect and abuse it becomes somewhat of a cesspool. When it is clean and normal, we are healthy and happy. When it stagnates, it distills the poisons of decay, fermentation, and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the whole body. Read More about Colon Hydrotherapy…

At East West Physicians, we use only the highest quality herbal medicine. Stop in to East West Physicians for a free Herb Consultation and learn how Chinese Herbal Formulas can address a multitude of issues. Read More about Supplements and Chinese Herbs

Weight Management Program Pricing

Thyroid Questions

Gluten Free Diet



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