Phentermine/Adipex Weight Management


Weight Management

The management program we have with medication using Phentermine/Adipex (brand Name) has been used for many years.

Medication is used with proper dietary measurements and proper protocols.  Diet medications are not the cure all for weight loss put to be used as a tool to give you motivation.  While you are loosing the weight we investigate if you have any underlying metabolic syndromes with digestion and /or Hormone imbalances.  This way when you loose the pounds you do not Yo-yo diet.  By going up and down.  Give us a call for a complimentary consult and see if our unique successful individual approach gets you to shed pounds.  We guarantee transformation.


Our program uses the newer techniques in weight management:  We help you pick and choose.  You do not need all of the following.

Metabolic Labs, Silvia tests

As one can see many options let us guide you through a healthy lifestyle that lasts.


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