East West Physicians STOP  Smoking Program, Works!
No one in today’s society can be totally unaware of the dangers involved in cigarette smoking. Being an Acupuncturist and working with Medical Doctors in our facility we have put together a powerful program to help those who want to quit smoking, NOW.  For that matter most addictions such as Alcohol and drugs we have specialized programs too..  We give you choices by using our multi-modality (needles, lasers or combo) and multidisciplinary Team of Acupuncturists, Medical Doctors and Detox Physicians.  Our addiction programs work because of this unique approach in one office!
Millions of dollars each year are spent on smoking cessation programs. However, many smokers have given up trying to quit because they simply find it too difficult to fight their addiction.
Acupuncture may provide just the additional leverage that a smoker needs to finally quit for good. A recent article in the Preventive Medicine journal highlights a study done on acupuncture and its effectiveness on assisting patients to stop smoking.

We use small needles and/or lasers that stimulate the skin in a particular area. The area chosen for stimulation is thought to correspond to the meridian, or pathway, that provides energy to the affected body system or area.   For example, for smoking, the needles or lasers are used in areas that will affect energy flow to the mouth, lungs and respiratory system, as well as parts of the brain that will affect cravings for nicotine.
In the study described in Preventive Medicine, participants were all long time smokers who wanted to quit smoking. They were randomly assigned into one of two groups.
The control group was given acupuncture treatments that had nothing to do with the areas that affect smoking. The experimental group was given acupuncture treatments meant to assist in smoking cessation.

Interestingly, the experimental subjects reported having less desire to smoke and also actually decreased their amount of smoking than the control group.
But the experimenters didn’t rely on the word of the participants alone. They also tested the blood of each group for chemicals that are left in the body when a person smokes, and those tests also confirmed that the experimental subjects had smoked less.
In fact, over time, twice as many of the experimental subjects were able to quit smoking altogether in comparison to the control group.  The experimenters stress the importance of several factors when reproducing these results. They say that it is important for the patient to receive acupuncture treatments for smoking cessation a minimum of twice per week for three weeks in order of the treatment to be fully effective.

Our patients are also taught how to perform self-acupressure on their ears in order to reinforce the treatment and to help cravings to pass.  Sometimes we use herbs and we can use medication depending on our consultation with you we do custom programs.

It is recommended that patients use acupuncture in addition to other methods such as nicotine replacement and/or if they choose we have programs that combine Eastern and Western Medicine to get you to STOP Smoking.  We guarantee our results!
It seems that in the worse case, even if a patient doesn’t quit smoking by using acupuncture, medication or a combination of treatments we help a person to greatly reduce the amount they smoke.  Come in for your personalized program and join our patients that have stopped their addictions.

But any efforts that are made to quit smoking can only improve a person’s health in the long run.


Our fees are simple and affordable for everyone.  Insurance may also pay part or all of it.  Good health doesn’t cost it pays.



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